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Find a Physician or Facility

You pay less out of your own pocket when you get care from providers in your plan’s network. Why? We negotiate with these providers so you receive health care services at a discounted rate, saving you money.

If you visit an out-of-network provider, our discounts don’t apply. That means your out-of-pocket costs can be much higher. Plus, we usually pay out-of-network providers less than the amount they bill. When this happens, you’re responsible for paying the provider the balance. To learn more about out-of-network costs, see the member tip sheet.

Use the links below to find a physician or facility in your plan’s network:

Medica Choice Passport (national network):
     » Medica Choice with UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus 
     » Medica Choice with UnitedHealthcare Options PPO
» Medica Elect (care system network)*
» Medica Essential (care system network)*
» Medica Focus (regional network)

» Altru & You with Medica (accountable care organization network)
» Essentia Choice Care with Medica (accountable care organization network)
» Medica CompleteHealth (accountable care organization 
» Park Nicollet First with Medica (accountable care organization network)
» Ridgeview Community Network powered by Medica (accountable care 
   organization network)
» VantagePlus with Medica (accountable care organization network)

*Medica Elect and Medical Essential are made up of several different care systems. If you need care from a provider outside your care system, you’ll first need a referral from your primary care clinic.

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