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Altru & You with Medica

Accountable Care Organization network

Altru & You promises to provide an excellent health care experience. Our friendly, compassionate and professional staff deliver care in more than 30 communities in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, plus provide access to several specialties via telemedicine. Our philosophy is that individuals deserve to receive high-quality care as close to home as possible. When you choose Altru & You, you have a partner in keeping you and your family healthy.

If you’re away from home and get sick or hurt, we’ve got you covered! When you travel outside the Medica service area (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin) you can get network coverage by visiting a provider in the Travel Program Network. This nationwide network is one of the largest in the country. If you have children attending college outside the service area, they can use this network, too.

Plan Highlights

  • Direct access to specialists. See any primary or specialty care provider in the Altru network without a referral.
  • Online care right from your home or hometown. Use your computer or mobile device to connect with an Altru provider for an e-visit to treat a non-urgent problem. Or, go to your hometown health facility for a video visit with an Altru specialist at another location.
  • Sessions with a certified health and wellness coach at the Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics at 50% off. You’ll get the tools, motivation and support you need to set and achieve goals related to nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep and more.
  • A team of medical providers, dietitians and exercise specialists to help you lose weight. Altru’s Weight Management Program includes assessments, group or one-on-one lifestyle change sessions, online nutrition and fitness monitoring at 50% off.
  • Comprehensive, personalized care for your bones, joints and more at Altru Advanced Orthopedics. Specialized programs include joint replacement, cartilage restoration, specialized hand and shoulder surgery, and concussion management.
  • MyHealth online patient portal, a secure online tool for communicating with your provider, accessing your health information and more.
  • Free body composition analysis and biometric screenings (one per year per member).
  • 10% off retail products at Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics.

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Benefit Summary for Altru & You with Medica

Network Benefits
Annual Deductible [insert benefit]
Out-of-Pocket Maximum [insert benefit]
Primary Care Visit to Treat an Injury or Illness [insert benefit]
Specialist Visit [insert benefit]
Other Practitioner Office Visit [insert benefit]
Preventive Care/Screening/Immunization No charge.
Diagnostic Test (X-ray, blood work) [insert benefit]
Imaging (CT/PET scans, MRI) [insert benefit]
Outpatient Surgery [insert benefit]
Emergency Care [insert benefit]
Urgent Care [insert benefit]
Hospital Stay [insert benefit]
Prescription Drugs
Generic [insert benefit]
Preferred Brand [insert benefit]
Non-preferred Brand [insert benefit]
Network Information
Network Type Accountable Care Organization network
Network Area Northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota
Special Features Discounted sessions with a certified health and wellness coach; access to a team of medical providers, dietitians and exercise specialists to help you lose weight, at a discount; online care from your home or hometown.
Referrals Needed No referrals needed if you see an Altru & You network provider.

How it Works

Altru & You is an accountable care organization (ACO). In an ACO, groups of doctors, nurses and other health care providers work together with your health plan to provide coordinated care. You don’t need a referral when you see a provider in the Altru & You network.

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